Losing hair and learning to love it

Today on the blog, cancer survivor Louise Odaibo talks about going through the toughest time of her life, losing her hair in the process, and how she feels about her hair today.


Do’s and Don’ts of Mixed Hair

I don't have mixed hair but I have lots of friends and family with mixed hair so here are some tips! DO condition Use some form or some concoction of conditioner. Whether that is a leave-in, or moisturizing conditioner in the bath, and/or a deep conditioner, your hair needs moisture! DON'T overwash the hair Simply... Continue Reading →

Hair Relaxer – An in-depth look

Let's find out what the heck we're putting in our hair! So, what type of hair needs relaxing? Your hair is made of keratin, a strong protein, which contains sulfides. When sulfides bond together, they form a disulfide bond that creates a kink or curl in your hair structure. The curliness of your hair depends... Continue Reading →

Learning to love my hair

When I was younger, I never thought my hair was different. I loved the cool hairstyles I had - the cornrows, the braids, the twists with brightly colored hair ties and big beads. It made me feel unique and different in the best way. Everyone would ask me a million questions about how I got... Continue Reading →

Throwback to my hair growing up

Enough about me talking about my hair growing up, let me just show you! When I was younger, I usually had cornrows (which I loved), and they were super manageable and probably a big reason why my hair grew so long throughout the years. I didn't chemically straighten my hair until I was 10 or... Continue Reading →

She’s slayin’ black hair everyday

Funmi Williams is doing exactly what her account is called. Slayin' braids.   As a creative entrepreneur, she's always been fascinated by black hair and black hair culture.  Her interest came from learning to do her own hair when she began high school because she developed a scalp sensitivity. She didn’t want to wait to get my... Continue Reading →

Black hair through history

Black hair has been an integral feature of black history - from African tribal styles to dreadlocks and the afro. Let's take a look! African origins In early African civilizations, hairstyles could indicate a person's family background, tribe, and social status. In Yoruba culture in West Africa, people braided their hair to send messages to the gods. The... Continue Reading →

Scared to dye

Dying my hair has always been a foreign subject in my life - most of us just don't do it. It's just so risky! Especially since my hair is already naturally so dry and dying your hair is hard on anyone's hair but especially harsh on mine. I'll always be haunted by the story my... Continue Reading →

The dreaded dreadlocks

Oh, the dreaded dreadlocks...If I ever came home with dreadlocks, everyone else better get some popcorn and take a seat and get ready for the production my moms about to do. I feel like there is a lot of misconception about dreadlocks and how you get them. I've walked around with braids, and people have... Continue Reading →

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