The Mystery of Black Women’s hair

Growing up with hair that I didn’t know how to handle wasn’t easy. It was an afro one day and straight the next. When I went to the pool with my friends, mine dried super curly, frizzy and dry and theirs dried straight and silky, for the most part, and I always wondered why it was different.

I realized through trial in error..aka letting my hair get so dry at 13 and breaking off 4 inches of hair (oops) that I’m different and my hair is different and I had to learn how to deal with it.

It took multiple google searches, documentary watching and hours on YouTube until I started to figure it out (and still trying). Show me a black woman who says she doesn’t struggle with her and hair and I’ll show you a damn liar! But for real, we all struggle with our hair and it’s hard to find an outlet where you can learn more about the history, protective styles, hair biases or even where to do your hair.

Black women’s hair is something that I get asked about on a regular basis but all different races and it’s something that most people don’t realize IS different. This blog is to help shed a light on the black hair and all its ins and outs and trust me, there’s a lot more to it than you think!


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