What the heck are protective hairstyles?

Sometimes our hair gets so unmanageable that we need to braid it down and put it away for a little while. The great thing about our hair texture is that it can stay in cornrows longer than someone with silkier hair. This makes it easier for us to use protective hairstyles to help our hair.

Let’s start off with braids and twists!

Box braids and Senegalese twists are made with extensions that you attach to your hair. You section off each part of your hair, depending on how big or small you want the braid, knot the top and braid (or twist) it down until the end. Braids usually take longer than twists because braids have three strands of hair and

Braids usually take longer than twists because braids have three strands of hair and twists only use two strands.

One of the most popular hair extension brands is X-pressions (which is synthetic hair).  It looks the best when it’s done and the hair is long which makes it a better option for styling and choosing a specific length that works for you. Other brands come with shorter hair which limits the length you can make it, but this works well if you already wanted a shorter hairstyle.


I know when I was younger, I didn’t think wigs were an everyday thing but oh how times have changed!

A lot of people don’t’ know that most black celebrities are always wearing wigs. Most of them don’t want you to know that….so oops, you didn’t hear that from me!

Other celebrities, like the Kardashians for example, are way more likely to talk about wearing wigs. It’s fun for them to change up the way they look a few times a week with different hair lengths, colors, and styles.


Weaves can be done in multiple ways. A traditional weave is done by braiding down your hair into cornrows, with the option of having “leave out” which is hair that you leave out to blend with the weave hair. Once your hair is braided down, you can sew a net onto it to help protect your hair even more OR you can just sew the weave hair right onto your braids. Weave hair is usually human hair and more expensive.

There are many people who pay lots of money for hair that they thought was 100% human and found out that it wasn’t what they thought they were buying. There are lots of different hair brands and colors to choose from so before you make a purchase, make sure to do your research!

On silkier hair texture, sew in weaves can still work but there are better methods of attaching hair extensions for that hair type.


These work by using a special glue to attach to a section of the hair. This process is good for people that want


**These work for both silky and coarse hair types.**

You can buy hair with clips already attached or buy the hair and clips separately and attach them yourself (which is a little harder but cheaper). I’ve tried this method before and it is nice having the option to take the clips out of the hair, which you can’t always do when you buy the hair with the clips already attached. This makes the hair you spent so much money on last longer because you have the option to use it as a clip-ins (which at temporary) or a weave for a more permanent look.


With all that said, these protective hairstyles are great BUT they do take a few hours to complete.

Box braids and Senegalese can take anywhere from 5+ hours depending on the length and size of your hair

Weaves can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, again depending on the style you choose.


Currently, I’m on a braid obsession. Box braids all every day! I’m practicing what I preach and trying to grow back out my hair.

Check back next week for all you need to know about that “creamy crack”!


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