So where do I get this good hair care?

There aren’t many options for black women to get their hair done. In the black culture, it’s more common for friends or relatives to do your hair at home. In my whole 24 years of life, I’ve only been to a hair salon ONCE! But let me tell you was that experience the best. I try to find every excuse to go one again, but it’s just so much easier to get a family member to do it at home for free!

The three salons that I’ve heard the most about are

  • Freshair Boutique located at 542 A Academy Rd
    • Website:
  • Lola Beauty Gallery & Supplies located at 567 Portage Ave
    • Website:


The first two I have never been to, but I’ve heard great things! Lola’s Beauty Gallery & Supplies has been around for such a long time. I would say they have been the OG black hair salon.I think a big reason why hair care for black men and women is hard to find is that it’s always been something foreign to most people and something not everyone knows how to deal with it. But with black hair industry getting more popular with other races, there have been a lot of hair businesses have incorporated services for black men and women.

This has created an industry for freelance or at home hair workers to start businesses, and with social media, some people are making doing hair at home their full-time job, but more on that in another post.

Now you’re probably wondering, now I know where to get good hair care but how much will it cost?! Well! Lucky for you my next post will tell you allllll about that.


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