So what have you heard about my hair?

No, it’s not a dreadlock. No, it’s not horses hair, and no, you can’t touch it! (Okay maybe you could touch it if you asked nicely but ask first!)

There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about black hair, and I’m going to set them to rest!

“Why don’t you wash your hair every day?”

  • The truth is, our hair doesn’t produce grease so washing it every day would only make our hair worse. It’s dry and brittle on its own and shampoos have harsh cleaning chemicals in it that would destroy our hair. I usually wash my hair about once a week, and that includes an in-depth conditioning treatment with a tinfoil cap. Silkier hair textures are prone to be more greaser, hence why their hair is naturally silky and flowy. So no, it’s not gross that we don’t wash our hair as often as you do. It’s just different!


“Do you sew your weave into your scalp!?”

  • Nooooo way! That would be impossible. I find it pretty funny that people actually ask me that question. If you saw one of my earlier blog posts where I go into depth about the different protective hairstyles for my hair type, but I’ll quickly explain it again.
  • To get a weave,  you braid down your hair into cornrows (and those can come in many different shapes or styles depending on the final look you want). Once all the hair is braided down, you sew the weave track onto the cornrows and pull tight! This ensures the weave is secure and will stay put.


“You should just get an afro.”

  • I wish it were that easy! Afros have to start from the root so if your hair is relaxed (see a previous post for definition) then that’s a long-term commitment to make because you’d have to cut off all your hair from the start of your new growth.
  • Also, not every person capable of having an afro will look good with an afro. I wish I would, but I know my face shape wouldn’t suit it. But power to all the ladies and gents that rock that afro!! I’m jealous

So there you have it! The first 3 misconceptions about black hair and there are soooo much more, but you’ll have to come back and see them in another post!


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