The Black Hair Care Industry – Part 2

So what stayed the same and what changed? What stayed the same: Spending a lot and weaves We are still spending a lot of money on our hair. According to Mintel, “Relaxers represent 21% of the black haircare market with expenditures at $152 million, down 15% since 2011 due to the natural hair trend.” Mintel... Continue Reading →


The Black Hair Care Industry – Part 1

The Black haircare industry. Market research firm Mintel estimated the size of the 2012 market at $684 million, with a projection of $761 million by 2017. But Mintel also wisely notes: "What’s missing from these figures are general market brands, weaves, extensions, wigs, independent beauty supply stores, distributors, e-commerce, styling tools and appliances. If all... Continue Reading →

Black Hair & Celebrities

If you ever wonder why black female celebrities hair is ALWAYS poppin', well that's because they have millions of dollars to spend on the most luscious weaves, wigs and hair products. It's funny when I see one with really bad hair and I'm like girl, you have the best hair in the world at the TIP... Continue Reading →

Want some more?

I promised you more misconceptions/questions about black hair, and here they are! "You buy other people hair to wear?!" Yes and we pay a fortune for it! Lots of people wear extensions to wear different hairstyles. It started off as more of a secret when you were wearing hair extensions, but that has changed so... Continue Reading →

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