Want some more?

I promised you more misconceptions/questions about black hair, and here they are!

“You buy other people hair to wear?!”

Yes and we pay a fortune for it! Lots of people wear extensions to wear different hairstyles. It started off as more of a secret when you were wearing hair extensions, but that has changed so much. Especially with celebrities and seeing more people who aren’t black wearing wigs, weaves, and extensions and changing it up on a daily basis so you know it’s not really their hair.

“Can I get braids too?”

Yeah, you can! But be warned, if you have a silkier hair texture then braids or a sew in weave are not going to the last as long

“Can you get a perm?”

Because black hair already has such a specific curl pattern, a perm wouldn’t work on our hair. I’ve always grown up with my mom saying that it wouldn’t do anything for my hair but probably make it drier and harder to handle.

“Why don’t you want to get your hair wet?!”

Trust me. I’m not trying to be uptight! It’s my hair I swear.

I want nothing more than to run and jump into a pool whenever I want with my natural hair, but If I’m not equipped with the tools I need to deal with my hair afterward then ill definitely regret my pool day.

Because our hair is naturally drier, it doesn’t do well air drying. It’ll get brittle and break off. If I don’t have the opportunity to moisturize my hair soon after getting it wet, then I usually don’t want to bother getting it wet.


There’s still so much more to learn about black hair. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope these last two posts have kept you informed. I’ll be throwing in some FAQ/interesting facts about black hair throughout my next few posts.

Stay tuned!





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