The Black Hair Care Industry – Part 2

So what stayed the same and what changed?

What stayed the same: Spending a lot and weaves

We are still spending a lot of money on our hair. According to Mintel, “Relaxers represent 21% of the black haircare market with expenditures at $152 million, down 15% since 2011 due to the natural hair trend.”

Mintel reports “Nearly six out of 10 Black consumers wear a wig, weave, or extensions, which enables them to switch up their look.”


Whats changed: More competition

There are more mainstream brands entering the market. Big companies like Dove, Garnier, Neutrogena are coming out with products that appeal to black women by adding ingredients that are usually found in black haircare products. This for some people may be more competition, but from my experience its just made me waste more money. They think their products are perfect for black hair when they add one little ingredient but the truth is it doesn’t really work. I’ve spent way too much money doing this. What I suggest is find that black haircare brand that works for your hair and stick with it! They are the pros and know what kind of hair they’re dealing with and make their products specifically to that. I got to Dino’s Grocery Mart at 460 Notre Dame Ave or Sally’s Beatuy Supply to get most of my haircare products. Those are the places that I’ve found to have the most selection.




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