New hair, who dis?

26732860_10213413476204913_1953692936_oNew year came so obviously I had to get some new digs.

To me, there’s nothing better than getting your hair freshly done. The end result is awesome, but the process of getting it to the final look is dreadful.

Let’s talk a walk through the process:

1. Cut the braids

  • I cut my braids to the length of my natural hair. This makes it way easier to take out the braids because the ends aren’t so fine.


2.  After hours of taking out the braids, detangling and straightening them one by one I comb out my hair incessantly to get it 

  • You have to comb it out a lot, or you risk having a hard time in the shower later.

3. Hate your life

  • At this point, your head is feeling pretty tender, and all you want to do is scream and never get your hair done again. But the next day you find yourself driving to get it done again. Just know that it’s almost over and you’ll be free soon enough!

3.  Shampoo x 5

  • Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. And then shampoo again. Your hair needs it, trust me. After a few months of having that big head of hair. There’s nothing better than scrubbing your scalp for 10 straight minutes. You’ll thank me later

4.    Condition

  • If your hair is dry like mine, then I suggest you put x 2 the amount you usually would in your hair. Your hair will thank you! If your able to, I suggest getting a tin foil cap (you can buy them at Sally’s Beauty or any other black hair store) lie a towel on your pillow and sleep with the conditioner! In the morning wash it out comb and blow dry. My hair always feels amazing after a whole night of conditioning.

5.   Style

  • Pick your new style! Keep it natural, get some braids, get some twists (like meee) shave it off, whatever you want!

You did the time, now be free!


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