Good Hair

Good Hair is an American documentary film produced by Chris Rock productions. When I first heard Chris Rock was starring and narrating the entire film; it intrigued me.

Chris Rock said he was inspired to make the movie after his three-year-old daughter Lola asked him “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” He realized she had already absorbed the perception among some blacks that her hair type was not “good.”

And after I saw the trailer, I was sold.


This is where you go and watch the trailer if you haven’t already.

It’s okay. I’ll wait…

Still waiting…


Watched it? Way funnier than you thought it was going to be right?!

The film talks a lot about questions and topics my other black family and friends and I deal with on a daily basis. How do other black women feel about their hair? Do black celebrities have the same problems? How do little girls feel about their hair? How do black hair salons feel about black hair? Where does this expensive weave hair even come from!? I had sooo many questions before I watched the movie and they were answered hilariously.

He even visited scientific laboratories to learn the science behind chemical relaxers that straighten hair, which I thought was eye-opening to see what we’re really putting in our hair.


This movie isn’t just for other black people, it’s honestly for everyone. I joke (mostly serious) to all my friends who ask me a million questions about my hair that they should watch Good Hair first and then come to me with any more questions they have, it would save us both a lot of time. Hmmm, maybe I should just rent out a theatre and host a screening of the film for all my friends who’ve asked me questions throughout my life! Yo Cineplex, wanna sponsor me?

One of the funniest and most interesting parts of the film was when he goes to India and explores the other side of the black hair industry, and who the hair is actually coming from and where they think their hair is going. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but their response was shocking.

I’ve seen this movie a few times, and I love it, but it definitely needs an upgrade. I mean come on, it came out almost 10 years ago, and the black hair industry has definitely changed since then.

SO brb, calling Chris Rock about making this damn sequel.


If you wanna watch the movie (good choice) here’s a link:


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