Cold air, dry hair

If you know me, you know I hate the winter more then the average person. And of course, I live in one of the coldest cities in Canada. My hair equally hates the winter but lucky for my hair, there are ways I can keep it protected at all times.

There are a few ways:

Protective hairstyles

They’re my best friend.

I mentioned them a little bit in a couple of my last posts, but there’s no harm in mentioning them again. Right now I have twists, but there’s also weaves, braids, crochet, wigs, and so many different braid styles. To get an in-depth look at some of those protective styles, check out this post!

Shampoo less, condition often

I rarely shampoo my hair that’s not just a tip for people with my hair type, everyone should wash their hair less often. Some shampoos have sulfates that dry out hair and stripping it of its natural oil causing your hair to over produce oil.

On the other hand, with my hair, it’s a little different. Sulfates dry out my already dry hair, but my hair doesn’t produce any grease at all. This makes my hair brittle and dry which makes it break off. Not fun! I’ll shampoo my hair once or twice to really get it clean and then I over condition it. I let the conditioner soak in for a minimum of 20 mins, and if I have the time, I’ll wrap it up with the conditioner in it and sleep overnight! That’s when I get the best results.

Anything Silk Elements brand, my hair loves.

Silk Elements

Check it out here

Moisturize your scalp

I don’t do this enough, and I know I should.

Our scalps are always dry and craving more moisture so, to save yourself a day of itching your head constantly and people thinking you have lice, moisturize your scalp before bed and in the morning. There are tons of different moisturizing hair oils you can use but try to use the ones that are all natural like shea butter, coconut oil or castor oil to name a few.


I still hate the winter, but hopefully my hair will hate it a little less.




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