The dreaded dreadlocks

Oh, the dreaded dreadlocks…If I ever came home with dreadlocks, everyone else better get some popcorn and take a seat and get ready for the production my moms about to do.

I feel like there is a lot of misconception about dreadlocks and how you get them. I’ve walked around with braids, and people have stopped me asking how it is having dreads and I always find myself laughing at the situation because to me my hair is so clearly not dreadlocks!

(Here’s one of my favorite Bob Marley songs for your listening pleasure while you read this post!)

So, where do dreadlocks come from?

Well, there are a few different theories of where dreadlocks originated. One story says it originated in India from with dreadlocked deity Shiva and his followers. However, the first archeological proof of people wearing dreadlocks came from Egypt where mummies have been recovered with their dreadlocks still intact. (Mummies with dreadlocks?! – trust me, I tried to find photos but I could not)

Regardless of the origin, dreadlocks are worn but people in many cultures. There was a belief that energy exits the body through the top of the head and that having knotted hair (or dreadlocks) stopped the escape of energy making you stronger. (Soooo, does the same apply to braids and twists?! Cause if so I’ll keep them on my head for life!)bob marley

Now, onto Bob Marley! The one who brought the dreadlocked style to the mainstream through his Rastafarian beliefs and music. Now dreadlocks have expanded to other subcultures and have become very popular. Some criticise Bob Marley for his extreme pro-marijuana beliefs and attributing dreadlocks to smoking marijuana.

The dreadlock process

There are a few ways to dreadlocks. Long or short, thick or thin, a lot or just a few. They all start with the same basics.

  1. Wash your hair and let it air dry
  2. Section off your hair into sections that are 1 inch by 1 inch (or however thick or thin you want it depending on the style you’re going for) Use rubber bands to hold your hair and start backcombing half of each section.
  3. After the backcombing is done, add a little dot of wax to the dreadlock and roll it in your palm.
  4. Repeat for all sections of hair

How to take out the dreads?


Usually, when people get dreads, they know they’re going to have to cut all their hair off and start fresh, so this is the most popular option.

The other harder, painful and longer option is untangling the dreads one by one (WHICH I DO NOT RECOMMEND) I haven’t had dreads, but the few videos I’ve seen don’t make it look like a very fun process. You’ve been warned!!


So there you go. Get dreads if you dare!



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