So what have you heard about my hair?

No, it's not a dreadlock. No, it's not horses hair, and no, you can't touch it! (Okay maybe you could touch it if you asked nicely but ask first!) There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about black hair, and I'm going to set them to rest! "Why don't you wash your hair every day?"... Continue Reading →


How much is too much?

I like anything free. Getting my hair done has always been something inexpensive for me until I discovered weaves, but that’s a whole other story. You want to make sure if you’re getting your hair done that you’re not paying too much. Relaxing your hair could cost anywhere from $50-$250 depending on what type of... Continue Reading →

So where do I get this good hair care?

There aren’t many options for black women to get their hair done. In the black culture, it’s more common for friends or relatives to do your hair at home. In my whole 24 years of life, I’ve only been to a hair salon ONCE! But let me tell you was that experience the best. I... Continue Reading →


Different relaxer brands

In my last post, I talked about relaxer which is the term for chemically straightening your hair. Now I want to show you some of the different brands that you can buy!   1. Soft & Beautiful Just for Me This one is perfect for younger scalps. I still use this brand because it's less... Continue Reading →


You’re getting your hair what!?

Relaxed. I'm getting it relaxed. Relaxing hair is a foreign subject to people that don’t have to get it done. Relaxing your hair means chemically straightening your curly hair from the roots so it gets silky and straight. This something that a lot of black people have done to their hair but, non-black people can... Continue Reading →


What the heck are protective hairstyles?

Sometimes our hair gets so unmanageable that we need to braid it down and put it away for a little while. The great thing about our hair texture is that it can stay in cornrows longer than someone with silkier hair. This makes it easier for us to use protective hairstyles to help our hair.... Continue Reading →


How is black hair different?

Check out my new blog post on and find out all you need to know about black hair!


The Mystery of Black Women’s hair

Growing up with hair that I didn't know how to handle wasn't easy. It was an afro one day and straight the next. When I went to the pool with my friends, mine dried super curly, frizzy and dry and theirs dried straight and silky, for the most part, and I always wondered why it... Continue Reading →


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